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have you considered that maybe i am not pleasant?

maybe i wear lipstick so that
you will see my pretty pink mouth
wrapping around a coffee cup lid
and be distracted enough not to notice
that i am intelligent and powerful;
a threat.

maybe i draw my brows into high arches
so you will look at my unimpressed skepticism
and overlook my spiteful glare
as a trick of my silly, girlish routine.

maybe i wear my heels so high and thin
so that i grasp your attention with the sway of my hips
as i listen to the click-clack-click against the floor
and know that if you should try to overpower me
i walk on sharpened knives.

maybe when i laugh at your worthless jokes
i am really baring my fangs
waiting patiently for the day
that i sink them into your neck.

i am not made of porcelain pleasantries;
you will find that these things are my armor
to keep you at a distance
so you do not step on me and shatter
my fragile control.

i am not a husk — i am not wilting.
i am turning my head
so that the fire blazing through my eyes
does not catch on the accelerant of your sweaty palms
and burn your bones to dust.

i am not your pretty girl;
i am a fury, a faerie, a phoenix —
a forest of werewolves and wendigos
that will carve out your chest
so that the next time i paint my pretty pink lips
i will taste the copper tang of your dying breaths.

R.K., I Am The Wolf Only Barely Contained (via punkmahoney)
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repeat after me:

  • women owe you nothing
  • women’s bodies are their own
  • nothing you do will ever make you “deserve” a woman
  • you wanting to get your dick sucked will NEVER be more important than a woman’s right to feel safe/comfortable/like an actual human being 
  • how women select partners is not the problem male entitlement is the problem
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ok so I have a friend who has a 6 year old daughter with a prosthetic arm and a while ago I told her to go watch the winter soldier because it was so good

and she just texted me that she watched it and that her daughter is begging to have her prosthetic remade to look like Bucky’s

im gonna cry omg

update: her doctor is working to get her a customized one :)

Heck yes!!!

That is freaking awesome.

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